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  • What makes Cruzie different?
    Although not a feat of engineering, it still took us quite a while to decide in the final look and feel of Cruzie. We designed Cruzie ourselves, which means you can not get a CRUZIE from any of the internet bulk print and ship stores. You can only buy them from us, or from a retail store partner of ours. Extra thick neoprene, hemmed all around, rubber non skid bottom, stitched on patches, and a Cruzie label........ Different enough to notice its different.
  • Tell me about these patches?
    Our patches are STITCHED on to each Cruzie. Iron on patches just do not hold up to the rigorous arm curls Cruzies will see over their life span. Cruzies patches come in 3" circles or 2.5" squares with rounded corners. All of our patches are dye sublimated, providing a rich and super detailed image that will last forever.
  • How long till I get my order?
    All Cruzies are made to order. This helps us eliminate inventory costs and offer an ever explanding range of products. However this also means you need to give us a couple of days to make them for you. Our production lead time will vary anywhere from 1 to 3 days, depending on how busy we are. We ship via the USPS, which is actually quite efficient. Shipping times vary depending on how far away from Florida you live. Please expect 1-5 days.
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